Choosing a Qualified Agency vs. Hiring a Caregiver Privately

Once a family has made the decision to hire a caregiver for their elderly loved one, they are faced with the question of whether to hire an independent caregiver or to use a home care agency.

Consider this when you are making your decisions…

Licensed Agencies:

  • Interview and Employ their staff
  • Check references and criminal background checks.
  • Employment Authorization checks (Immigration and citizenship)
  • Have coverage for Worker’s Comp and Payroll Taxes
  • Staff is Licensed, Insured and Bonded.
  • Supervision of aides and clients’ Care Plans
  • Ongoing training and development of the work force.
  • Scheduling changes (back up coverage) and 24 hour on-call coverage
  • Careful screening and development of Individualized Care Plans.
When Hiring Private Caregivers:

Most people find that choosing a home care agency is the better option, both in terms of managing the caregiver and the peace of mind an agency can provide, as an established, reputable home care agency takes the entire burden off of you.

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