Providing Medication Management for Seniors

As seniors age, they begin experiencing memory loss, making it difficult for them to function from day to day on their own. This can be dangerous, especially when it comes to performing key tasks like managing their medications. In this case, hiring in-home healthcare in Tennessee can be a big help.

At TopStar Home Care Agency, a preferred provider of home care services in Memphis, Tennessee, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper medication management for seniors. Taking the right medicines at the right times is key to maintaining a client’s health and wellness, and our caregivers can make that happen.

Our personal care providers coordinate with the client’s physicians to ensure their medication regimen is up-to-date. They buy medicines and refill prescriptions at the pharmacy and supervise labeling and organizing them for dispensing. Then, they ensure the client follows the proper medication schedule every day.

Our caregivers also create a detailed and easy-to-follow schedule so that respite care providers and even family members can continue managing the client’s medication well when their primary caregiver is on leave. We always ensure our specialized care providers get plenty of rest, so they can always perform at their best.

If you are looking for the best in-home care in Tennessee, when it comes to medication management for seniors and so much more, call us today at 901-283-2180.

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