Areas and Things at Home We Often Forget to Clean

You might be cleaning every day, but are you sure all parts of your home are equally cleaned? Oftentimes, we have the tendency to forget to clean hidden areas of our homes and some items that are too small for our eyes. Homemakers of our in-home care in Tennessee believe some of them are:

  • Underneath the appliances or furniture
    Over time, if left uncleaned, this area will accumulate grime, dust, and hair.
  • Windows, curtains, and blinds
    Not cleaning these items for a long time will accumulate dust that will cause discoloration of curtains and blinds, and will settle almost permanently in the windows. If these happen, it’ll be difficult to clean them and they’ll block the sunlight from passing through. In instances like this, professional a homemaker will help a lot.
  • Remote controls
    Due to frequent use, remote controls get prone to bacteria. Cleaning them once a week will prevent this.
  • Mattresses, couch, and pillows
    As providers of in-home healthcare in Tennessee, we noticed that some seniors prefer to sit on the couch or lay in bed, securing themselves in between pillows because they’re too weak to move. Hence, these items are supposed to be vacuumed and deep cleaned every 6 months. Covering them with cloth is highly advisable.
  • Knobs and handles
    Similar to remote controls, door knobs, refrigerators and cabinet handles also breed bacteria due to frequent use and irregular cleaning.

To ensure your homes are thoroughly cleaned, trust the experts when it comes to homemaking. Trust TopStar Home Care Agency, your home care agency in Memphis, Tennessee, to enjoy clean, clutter-free, and sanitized homes.

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