Encouraging Seniors to Maintain Oral Health


Oral hygiene is essential no matter the age. But it seems that every age group has its challenges to maintain this discipline. Do you remember situations where getting your kid to brush their teeth is difficult? You may also realize a different kind of challenge with the older group of people.

While every case can be different, it is unfortunate when a senior loved one’s dental health is compromised. Fortunately, there are ways you can support a positive habit. 

Here are some ways to encourage this discipline once again or to finally get started with one:

  • Keep it simple. 

    Oral hygiene can get complicated without the right tools and professional support. For complex dental issues, it is best to choose the professionals so your senior loved one only has to perform simple oral hygiene.

  • Make it easy. 

    Leave no space for difficulty, so their adherence to oral hygiene is smooth. Keep their toothbrushes and paste within reach. Consider having multiple locations to catch them at the best time.

  • Avoid any pain. 

    If brushing the teeth is painful, it can be a powerful barrier to achieving oral health. Consult with the dentist about the pain and choose gentle devices to minimize or eliminate the pain.

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