Encouraging Seniors to Quit Their Addiction

Smoking, alcohol, gambling, and many more – addictions can get a person hooked on something that is dangerous for their physical health as well as mental safety. Some people are successful in their efforts to get themselves rid of an addiction but when reliance on these substances (or activities) continues to late adulthood, there can be more consequences.

Addiction becomes severe as we grow old but this should not be used as an excuse for not getting better. The situation may seem helpless but the attempt to get better at any age can be a huge help.

But, how can families and loved ones inspire seniors to stop their addiction?

The answer may not be that simple – but there is hope.

Motivating our senior parents or family members to quit smoking or alcohol abuse is a significant step towards managing their health condition/s or improving their recovery. Focusing the narrative on their gains can be a good way to open the conversation about quitting. Aside from conversations, getting the help of professionals can guide the individual in making realistic and significant decisions that improve their chances of success.

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