Helping Seniors Get Dressed by Themselves


If a senior loved one does not welcome help, it may be challenging to provide any assistance. However, there are many ways to get around this one.

For example, if a senior loved one prefers to get themselves dressed but others think they should get help, we can design a way to ensure their wishes are honored and that they get properly dressed.

While our personal care solutions provide prompt assistance in these personal matters, we understand and respect our patient’s preference to take care of some chores themselves. Provided that they can safely perform the task, we are glad to let them take care of themselves while we are just at a safe distance for anything that they would need.

Indirect assistance is the kind of help that gets everything in place for them. From doing the laundry, ironing the clothes, and preparing their outfits for the day – all of these can be done before the actual dressing up. Of course, seniors may also prefer doing some of these tasks, but it is in communication that we can identify how to help – or not!

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TopStar Home Care Agency has been a trusted provider of in-home healthcare in Tennessee. We have been helping many patients, and their families get the most out of living at home and aging in place.

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