How to Manage Hemorrhoids for Senior Loved Ones

Hemorrhoids are the inflammation of the lower rectum, which can happen internally and externally. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless but can cause bleeding. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are painful and cause overall discomfort if not treated immediately.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by various factors. There is no clear cause of how hemorrhoids form, but they can be caused by the following risk factors such as aging, sitting on the toilet for too long, being pregnant, and straining yourself as you defecate.

Whether internal or external hemorrhoids should be treated professionally. As such, if your senior loved one is living with hemorrhoids, make sure to communicate with their physicians. Often, doctors will prescribe medication or topical treatments to alleviate pain. As such, allow your senior loved ones to receive their required dosage by providing them with gentle medication reminders. If they are unable to do so, our in-home care in Tennessee will gladly assist.

Aside from medical help, hemorrhoids can also be treated at home. Our caretakers can assist your senior loved one with:

  • Preparing high-fiber meals and snacks to aid with digestion
  • Taking prescriptions and/or suppositories as prescribed by the doctor
  • Soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salt or Sitz bath
  • Taking oral prescriptions that can help with alleviating pain or aid with digestion and defecation

At TopStar Home Care Agency, our home care services in Memphis, Tennessee offer high-quality care for seniors in need. Our care team is dedicated to providing supervision and support as our senior clients choose to age in place.

We also provide respite care for primary caregivers in need of a break.

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