How to Recognize Malnutrition in Seniors

Is your senior eating enough?

Malnutrition remains a problem throughout different age groups and as our senior loved ones struggle with health or aging-related conditions, further risks can push them into dangerous situations.

It is important for families and their circle of friends to detect warning signs of malnutrition as early as possible.

Although there is no certain single sign of malnutrition, here are some signs your senior loved one may not get the nutrition they need.

  • Unexplained weight loss or losing weight without doctor’s instruction or known medication impact
  • Lack of appetite even in the presence of favorite dishes or the extreme consumption of meals in select settings
  • Slower recovery from diseases or weakened bones and muscles
  • Untouched/unused/unopened ingredients and food supplies at home or the lack of any remnants of food supplies
  • Changes in personality – becoming easily irritated, difficulty focusing their attention, or chronic exhaustion

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