Keeping Track of Medication Schedules: A Seniors Guide


Ensuring that patients are adhering to their medication schedules is one of the priorities of TopStar Home Care Agency, your home care agency in Memphis, Tennessee.

We train our caregivers to respond appropriately to the factors affecting your senior loved ones’ medication schedules and non-adherence. May it be due to reluctance, resistance, or forgetfulness, we can provide solutions.

Homecare providers in our in-home healthcare in Tennessee follow these tips to help our patients effectively keep track of their medications.

  • Securing a medication list

    The list should include both prescription and OTC medications. Beside the name of the medication, we indicate the time of the day they’re supposed to be taken. We put a mark on the list when our patients were able to take a certain medication already. As specialized care providers, we are very particular about the correct time of medication administration.

  • One location for all medications

    To avoid losing the medications, they must be stored in only one area. Avoid placing them in bathrooms or kitchens where moisture and temperature levels are high. Damaged medications due to environmental factors are no longer useful.

  • Learning the side effects

    When there are caregivers by your senior loved ones’ side, you can be confident that all the side effects of their medications are noted. All responses are recorded and are subject to the doctor’s advice.

Following these proven medication schedule tips guarantees health, safety, and better life outcomes for your elderly folks. Hence, entrust this matter to our skilled and competent homecare providers. Contact us to get started!

We also offer respite care! Reach out today.

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