Medical Problems Dementia Patients Often Face

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s disease or another condition linked to dementia are frequently at risk for illness. If ignored, these problems may exacerbate confusion and present behavioral difficulties. It’s possible that your elderly loved one is unable to explain what’s wrong. You have a responsibility to watch out for signs of illness and inform the patient’s doctor about them.

Here are some common medical conditions that our in-home healthcare in Tennessee advises you to be on the lookout for.

  • Fever
    This occurs if the senior’s temperature is 2 degrees or higher over average. Infection, dehydration, constipation, or heat stroke are common causes of fever. Since your loved one might bite down on the thermometer, our specialized care suggests utilizing a digital thermometer rather than a glass one.
  • Pneumonia and the flu
    Patients with Alzheimer’s are more likely to contract these diseases because of how swiftly they spread. Annual flu and pneumonia vaccinations can reduce their risk of contracting the illness.
  • Falls
    One of the main causes of elder mortality is falling and slipping. Seniors with dementia have a tendency to wander a lot, so keep your home tidy to avoid an accident. Our home care agency in Memphis, Tennessee, can help with light housekeeping to keep their home clean.
  • Dental Issues
    Seniors with dementia-related issues frequently fail to take care of themselves because their memory is impaired. As a result, our care team can aid your elderly loved one in maintaining their routine for personal care, which includes dental care.

Contact TopStar Home Care Agency right away, and we’ll put you in touch with our team of caregivers who can easily take care of your senior’s health needs and requirements.

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