Smart Food Choices for the Elderly


Let’s admit. Many people love eating unhealthy food because they are delicious. And for most people, the flavor is an essential part of the gustatory experience.

But when one becomes a senior citizen, he may lose the appetite and the urge to eat. The food becomes unpalatable, and the ability to taste flavors is also lost. From making poor food choices to the results of aging – the elderly might not have a chance to get proper nutrition unless they get assistance from a Home Care Agency in Memphis, Tennessee.

But as providers of In-home Healthcare in Tennessee, we can still do something about these concerns. Below are some ways we can do to serve them healthy meals without sacrificing the taste and flavors:

  • Use herbs, spices, vinegar, and citrus juices to enhance the flavors of your dishes instead of adding too much salt.
  • Add fruits to snacks, milkshakes, or juices that give natural sweeteners instead of adding table sugar.
  • Serve the dishes cold or hot to help regain the sense of taste.

Aside from these, seniors should also drink lots of water, have proper oral hygiene, and stop smoking to ensure good health. Get Personal Care if you must, and seek help from an otolaryngologist to check the causes of the lack of sense of taste and smell.

Caregivers can prepare healthy meals for seniors. And TopStar Home Care Agency can send the best home care aides you need for the job.

Get the Specialized Care you can trust.

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