The Many Causes of Chronic Pain


All of us have experienced pain at some point in our lives, and in most cases, the pain disappears after some time. However, if you have noticed a pain that has stayed for what seems to be longer than usual, it may be a sign of chronic pain.

Chronic pain can sound problematic and painful. But what actually causes it? Unfortunately, the answer goes beyond simple.

There are cases where the cause of chronic pain is obvious – a problematic tooth or an unhealed injury. Long-lasting illnesses such as arthritis and cancer can also cause chronic pain. Despite healing from injuries, pain may persist, such as a broken bone or sprain. Some infections can also leave you suffering from chronic pain.

No matter where chronic pain comes from, it is important to speak up and encourage your loved one to get medical attention.

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  • Personal Care can provide immediate support for a person’s most basic needs.
  • Respite Care can take care of you and your loved one when you choose to take care of yourself.

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