Ways to Organize Medications for Seniors

With their age, your senior loved ones will have a hard time organizing their medications alone. Hence, designate this responsibility to someone you trust, and it could be our responsible caregivers.

TopStar Home Care Agency, your provider of home care services in Memphis, Tennessee, offers affordable, quality, and compassionate caregiving services like medication management and administration. This is to ensure that your senior loved ones are getting an adequate amount of nutrients and improved immunity from the medications they’re taking.

Here’s a simple guide to organize medications our in-home healthcare in Tennessee can share:

  • Segregate medications based on categories
    Separate prescription medicines from OTCs as well as tablets or capsules from liquid medicine. Have a list of those they’ll drink in the morning, at night, and three times a day.
  • Label the medications
    For easier identification, have each of their medications labeled. You can attach instructions on when to drink them as well.
  • Use clear containers
    Clean and transparent containers should be utilized to easily see what’s inside. However, make sure they’re airtight to avoid damaging the medications.
  • Declutter
    Throw away the expired ones and have them refilled right away. Our homemakers can do this task for you.

Following the above-mentioned guide will make medication administration a lot easier. You can also avoid consumption of expired medications and confuse one medication with another, especially if they’re similar.

Just in case you’re curious about how our home care services work, you can always give us a call! We also offer personal care services. Contact us to get started!

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