Communication Strategies for Dementia Patients

Connecting with our loved ones is possible through communication but what happens if our ability to connect with others becomes difficult? Such is the case for patients with dementia.

As dementia progresses, the person’s memory begins to fail which impacts their everyday tasks. Communication gets gradually affected due to the disease and because of other factors intended by the patient. On a positive note, there are strategies to consider in improving communication.

  • Encourage dementia patients to communicate. Patients are already in a vulnerable position and they can easily lose their confidence and motivation to communicate. Make it easy for them to join in the conversation by using clear and concise sentences. Give them time to respond and allow them to exercise their choices.
  • Supplement the words with body language. A tap on the shoulder or a warm hug are just two of the ways we can express our love. Dementia patients may have challenges remembering the words but the feelings remain.
  • Actively listen. Show your loved ones you are engaged in the conversation by giving them your focus upon contact. Avoid interrupting and minimize distractions that can get in between your conversation.

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