Negative Effects of Isolation on Elderly Folks


It’s true that being alone doesn’t equate with loneliness, but individuals who wish to be taken care of by someone else yet don’t have families to tend to their needs often feel isolated. These feelings of loss and self-undervalue are detrimental to isolated individuals, especially those in their senior years.

Adapting to an isolated life because they have no family members around leads to loneliness, desperation, and some mental health issues like Alzheimer’s Disease. Furthermore, they will feel like their lives don’t matter to anyone, making them careless of their actions which can lead to harm.

Moreover, isolation leads to a lack of social skills. Thus, aside from unintentionally hurting themselves, they also tend to hurt other people’s feelings. They lack empathy and the ability to build lasting relationships with others.

Finally, they won’t care about their health anymore. Having no one by their side to tell them what’s right and wrong makes them susceptible to unhealthy eating behaviors and vices. However, these things are avoidable with the help of professional caregivers.

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