Senior Depression Warning Signs You Should Be Aware Of

Depression is a medical condition that does not occur naturally as part of the aging process. Unfortunately, depression affects the elderly more than younger ones. Depression is frequently underestimated in the elderly. Early treatment can prevent a problem from affecting your quality of life, so learning about depression and other diseases is quite beneficial.

A low mood that lasts more than two weeks may indicate depression in seniors. Depression can leave you feeling hopeless, unhappy, or empty. Depression can cause anger, anxiety, or irritability in certain seniors.

Guilt is another prevalent sign of senior depression. Not all seniors suffering from depression experience this, but many have a negative inner voice that constantly criticizes them. Seniors may feel excessively bad about seeking assistance or making little errors. Guilt is a particularly dangerous sign of depression because it inhibits elders from seeking treatment.

Seniors suffering from depression frequently withdraw from family, friends, and their community. Even if they are normally quite sociable, they may spend more time at home and avoid socializing with others. They may get disinterested in their hobbies. Things that used to give life meaning and purpose may no longer be enticing.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from depression, the best thing you can do is contact a mental health professional or seek the assistance of a competent home care agency in Memphis, Tennessee to prevent or avoid depression in your senior loved ones.

At TopStar Home Care Agency, we offer in-home healthcare in Tennessee for the elderly. Our nurses and caregivers are trained to detect early signs of depression and to provide specialized care for those who have been diagnosed.

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