Underarm Hygiene for Your Senior Loved Ones

What’s equally worse than a bad breath and foul-odored feet? A smelly underarm!

An armpit that smells might be a sign of an underlying medical condition. But oftentimes, it’s caused by poor hygiene. TopStar Home Care Agency, your provider of home care services in Memphis, Tennessee, is meticulous when it comes to our patients’ hygiene including their underarm hygiene.

For your reference, hereunder are some underarm personal care tips for seniors:

  • Take a bath.
    Due to mobility issues, caregivers like us should help them take a bath at least twice a week. The use of mild soaps is advisable because they are gentle to the skin yet are antibacterial. Some days, using dry shampoo and wipes will suffice but make sure to change their clothes daily.
  • Exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.
    Know their skin type before exfoliating their armpits. This will help remove dead skins, renew the skin, and unclog the pores. Wash and dry the area thoroughly before using a toner to remove residual debris. Finally, moisturize their armpits to promote healthy, smooth, and hydrated skin.
  • Use of natural deodorants.
    These products are aromatic and non-harmful. However, if they’ve been using harsh products for too long, they might have an underarm odor which is natural during the transition phase. To prevent this, it’s recommended you wash their underarms twice a day before reapplying the deodorant.
  • Use breathable fabrics.
    Cotton, linen, and bamboo are some fabrics that allow underarm moisture to evaporate. Ergo, let your patients wear these kinds of fabrics to avoid foul smells.

Hygiene requires specialized care. Hence, for a personalized and efficient caregiving experience, trust our diligent caregivers.

We also provide respite care services. Send us a message to get started!

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