How to Keep Your Brain Functioning as You Age

One of the most difficult aspects of aging is that the body and brain no longer function as they once did. Many older adults are concerned about these changes because they are unsure what is normal aging and what is not.

What is the secret to retaining mental sharpness and brain health as you age? TopStar Home Care Agency will walk you through some of the most important steps you can take to maintain memory function and sharpness.

  • Keep Your Mind Stimulated – Aside from games and puzzles consider volunteering and social activities that keep you independent and engaged with friends and family. Learn new computer skills, join a reading club or dance group, or try gardening, crafts, or cooking.
  • Prioritize Healthy Sleep Habits – When the brain is deprived of sleep, its cells do not get the rest they require to function normally. When the mental function is impaired, it distorts your judgment and perception of what is happening around you. Reaction speeds are slower, and memory lapses are possible.
  • Exercise Regularly – Physical activity, as we all know, strengthens the body, but it may also strengthen the brain. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, encourages the development and connection of new brain cells, and reduces mental stress.
  • Eat Right – According to research, the Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of developing dementia. Another proactive strategy to protect the brain against degeneration is to avoid excessive sugar consumption.

You could always rely on our home care agency in Memphis, Tennessee when you need help staying on top of your mental and physical health.

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