Tips for Boosting Your Senior Loved Ones’ Appetite


There are numerous factors why older people sometimes have no appetite. It could be because of gastrointestinal problems, dental problems, or psychological concerns. TopStar Home Care Agency, your in-home healthcare in Tennessee, aims to boost your elderly folks’ appetite through the following practices:

  • Healthy meals

    When elderly people are too old to cook for themselves, and there’s no one at home to provide them with their favorite food, they tend to lose their appetite. We encourage you to seek help from the healthcare providers of our home care agency in Memphis, Tennessee regarding this concern.

  • Eating routine

    When they get to eat on schedule, it conditions their stomach to feel hungry whenever it’s time for meals. Doing so promotes better digestion.

  • Hydration

    Don’t forget to drink enough water as a way to regain lost energy after a long day because even though we’re not doing anything at all, the hot weather can still make us dehydrated which is also a factor why we don’t feel like eating.

  • Nutrient-dense food

    When choosing food items to incorporate in a meal, we ensure that they can consume 100% vitamins, minerals, and calories by eating nutrient-dense foods like peanuts and avocados. When it comes to meal preparation, our homemaker is the most trusted service. Our staff is skilled in carrying out household chores, which include making your favorite meal.

To make sure that you enjoy your food, our caretakers will also assist you during feeding time. Through this, you’ll have a company to help you monitor your meals and bond with you as well. Contact us to get started with our services.

We also offer respite care! Reach out today.

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