What Causes Sleep Issues in Alzheimer’s Patients?

Many older individuals have trouble sleeping, but persons with Alzheimer’s often have it even worse. As Alzheimer’s increases in severity, sleep problems tend to worsen. It can make life tough and demanding for caregivers and spouses. The senior’s days and nights may appear to be jumbled up at times, and they may be irritated and unable to relax sufficiently to go asleep.

Excessive drowsiness during the day and insomnia with trouble sleeping and staying asleep are both possible sleep issues. Frequent nighttime awakenings and early morning awakenings are also common.

Sundowning is a phenomenon that people with Alzheimer’s may experience in the evening. They may be perplexed, agitated, nervous, or aggressive. Nighttime wandering in this state of mind might be dangerous. Obstructive sleep apnea is also more common in Alzheimer’s patients. This potentially dangerous sleep disease causes breathing to stop and start periodically throughout sleep.

Too much stimulation in the late afternoon can also keep an Alzheimer’s patient awake. Watching dramatic or noisy television shows, exercising, or being in a crowded place can all give too much stimulus for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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